Therapy for parents and caretakers will provide a full understanding of the complexity of adoption, foster care, and kinship permanency. It will increase parents’ confidence and skills to address the unique developmental, emotional, behavioral, and cultural needs of their children and adolescents. Therapy for adoptees, foster alum, and family of origin will provide a safe space to process their history, and manage trauma, relationship, grief, and loss.

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You will get more than just conventional therapy/ it is clarity and support.

Therapy services are approached through the lens of the 7 Core Issues in Adoption and Permanency (loss, rejection, shame/guilt, grief, identity, intimacy, mastery, and control).

We address the following experiences or behaviors:

  • Parenting
  • Grief and Loss
  • Transracial families
  • Pre and Post-adoption
  • Identify formation and re-formation
  • Navigating open adoption relationships